At each Climate Arena, we create a fellowship opportunity for those who have a cross-border and investigative climate story idea.

Thank you for all those who applied. We received +100 applications and selected 14 journalists with promising project ideas and eagerness to learn from others and collaborate.

These 14 fellows are Arlis Alikaj (Albania), Daniel Harper (Austria), Annick Hus (Belgium), Tommaso Siviero (Bosnia), Leopold Salzenstein (France), Ruth de Frutos (Spain), Andrea Palasciano (Germany), Aline Nippert (France), Zhaoyin Feng (Netherlands), Katerina Topalova (North Macedonia), Pablo Jimenez Arandia (Spain), Kristin Karlsson (Sweden), Yagiz Alp Tekin (Turkey), and Cecilia Butini (Spain).

They will join the conference in Vienna where they’ll attend a full-day workshop on 9 November 2023 and participate in the conference on 10 and 11 November. 

Following the conference, they will continue receiving mentoring and training right up to publication time. They will have the opportunity to set up teams, receive a working grant (up to €2000), and tailor-made mentorship to help them succeed in their climate story.

We are very happy to welcome them into a vibrant European community where they’ll meet other journalists, learn from each other, and work across borders.