The fellowship applications will open on 25th of May 2024.

At Climate Arena, we want to bring together individuals and teams who want to work across borders on a climate related story and need help from Arena for Journalism in Europe (That help might include finding others also seeking partners.)

We have a fellowship opportunity for those who have a cross-border and investigative climate story idea and are eager to work in a team setting. Your project idea could be investigative, or data-related, or both.

If your story project is selected, you will be invited to join the Climate Arena conference in Bologna where you’ll attend a full-day workshop on 17 October 2024 and participate in the conference on 18 and 19 October (expenses paid). Following the conference, you will continue receiving mentoring and training right up to publication time. Being part of a cohort of 15 fellows, you will have the opportunity to set up teams, receive a working grant (up to €2000), and tailor-made mentorship to help you succeed in your story.

You should be based in Europe to be able to benefit from the program. This is how we define Europe. If you have visa requirements to enter into Italy, we will bear the visa cost and assist you with your application as much as we can.

The Bologna fellows will be our third cohort.

We are excited to meet you!